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Hair Tips and Techniques

Dry shampoos are a must. If you haven't tried one, what are you waiting for?

You can use them as a volumizer when wanting fullness. Use mousse on roots then blow dry. When hair is dry, section hair where volume is wanted and spray KMS Makeover Spray on the scalp. Blow dry or let air dry and instant fullness.

If you have a heavy fringe or just oily scalp, dry shampoo keeps hair looking fresh and not overly styled. KMS Makeover Spray comes in a travel size so you can throw it in your handbag.

You can use them as a texturizer when creating upstyles. Especially if you have slick hair, it works great for braids, messy ponytails and twists. It creates a balanced texture so the hair will be easier to stay up.

This weightless spray is excellent for quick touch ups or re-styling. The hair should not look chalky. If it does make sure it has had enough time to dry or try blow drying your hair to dry quicker and remove excess product. KMS Makeover Spray allows you to go longer between shampooing which is healthy for your hair. With grape and peppermint, this matte spray absorbs oil, enhances texture and builds bulk.

Problem: I went from blonde to brown, which I love, but how do I keep from going brassy?

Solution: Using a sulfate free shampoo like Pureology Hydrate shampoo or Tigi S Factor Smoothing Shampoo will keep your hair-color fresh. Shampoos with sulfates tend to strip color. Also, color enhancing shampoo and conditioner like Claypac are great. If you're blonde, use a violet shampoo 1 or 2 times a week to maintain brightness. Bedhead Brunette Goddess repairs as it enhances your color.

Problem: I don't like washing my hair daily but it tends to get greasy midday. Is there anything you can suggest?

Solution: Sprinkling a little baby powder on your hairline and part will absorb oil and give a little texture for body.

Problem: I am totally grey and get my hair colored every 4 weeks. By the fourth week my re-growth is noticeable, but I don't want to go to the salon every 3 weeks. What can I do?

Solution: Color Mark Professional looks like mascara but has felt tip to paint on your new growth around your part and hairline. It dries instantly and washes out with shampoo. It blends grey and gets you through the last week before color.

Problem: During the winter your skin gets dry and needs extra moisturizer. Don't forget your hair needs extra hydration also, especially if your active outdoors.

Solution: Deep conditioning treatments on your next trip to the salon is a wonderful approach to maintaining shine. You can also do in home treatments once a week or as needed by using S Factor Serious Conditioner or Pureology Nanoworks Restorative Hair Treatment. Apply on damp hair roots to ends 2-5 minutes then rinse.

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